Valuing Self Value: Exercise for Boosting Self Esteem in Youngsters

Valuing Self Worth: Activity for Boosting Self Esteem in Teenagers

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Self Esteem Activities for Teenagers: Valuing Self WorthSelf-worth actions for youngsters – Valuing Self Value

Essential purpose: Getting youngsters to pay attention to their very own worth and self price

Identify: Valuing Self Value

Sort: Self-worth actions for youngsters

Contributors: People. This exercise could also be performed in a small group (round 4-5 members) who already know one another

Period: 45-60 minutes

Preparation: None

Supplies: A deck of playing cards


  • If the exercise is performed in a bunch, have all members sitting on a chair in a circle dealing with one another.
  • Shuffle the deck of playing cards and provides it to a participant.
  • Ask the participant what quantity the cardboard is and whether or not he feels that he’s price greater than the quantity on the cardboard (with Ace being the very best quantity).
  • Talk about with the participant his reply and ask for suggestions from the opposite members on the reply. Some inquiries to ask:
    • how are values decided in society?
    • what makes them worth themselves?
    • what values do they place on their associates, household and friends?
    • how would they really feel in the event that they drew a card with a small quantity and society handled them in accordance with the “value” on the cardboard?
    • what are the examples they may give the place society handled them as such?
    • why is society incorrect?
    • what are the methods they may construct their self-worth?
  • Every participant ought to get a flip with the playing cards.
  • On the finish of the exercise, ask the members for suggestions on the exercise.


The exercise challenges the members within the following means:

  • to explain values vital to them.
  • to explain their very own perceptions of the values of their household, associates and friends.
  • to find methods to construct self-worth.

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