Stephanie Jarstad’s Picture Essay For Dwarfism Consciousness Month

Stephanie Jarstad's Photo Essay For Dwarfism Awareness Month


Residing with dwarfism means coping with each day staring, cat calls, laughter and all kinds of feedback from full strangers. „Dwarves are still the butt of jokes. It’s one of the last bastions of acceptable prejudice,” Peter Dinklage, actor from ‚Recreation of Thrones’, noticed. There are an estimated 651,000 folks residing with dwarfism on the earth as we speak. October is ‚Dwarfism Consciousness Month’, and photographer Stephanie Jarstad determined to work with the Webster household by which three out of 4 of the members are dwarves. Have a look, and have a good time range!
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„Growing up in a family where both my parents are little, like me, I felt like I fit in pretty well. And then I met the world, and they didn’t have quite the same opinion as me.” (Rachel Webster)


‚Have a look at that midget, mommy!’ ‚That is a little bit woman over there.’ ‚Is she a child?’ ‚Why is she so small?’ I used to be perplexed.”


„Since then, I’ve skilled all of it. Sexual interrogation. ‚Hey, little momma wanna come house with me?’ Mocking. Ridiculing. ‚It is a midget’. Yeah, it. Dehumanizing.”


„I am so lucky to have parents who know exactly what I have been through, because they have experienced it, too. They have seen 1,000 tears.”


„Their biggest recommendation. ‚Tomorrow is at all times a brand new day.’ And at all times, ‚Every thing goes to be okay’. As a result of, it at all times is.”



„We have the best of both worlds. I’m so grateful to have a son and a daughter, one of each stature. We love them both unconditionally.” (Chris Webster)


„I wait for the day when we can just pass each other on the street and it’s just understood that we are all a little bit different.”


„In a world populated by diversity, we could all use a lot more understanding.”


„Being different is what makes us all beautiful and we should praise God for creating us each individually.” (Nancy Webster)

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