List of Every Comedy Film Released In 2017

List of Every Comedy Film Released In 2017

2017 had four films crossing the $1 billion mark, and five films among the highest-grossing movies of all time, but none of these were comedies. In case you didn’t realize, the year had a lot of funny stories for you to watch, and it’s worth looking into them.

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Some of these films weren’t all that great, but a majority are just what you need to take a break from life and its hardships, and just sit down to have a laugh. In this list, we’ve included only those releases that were strictly comedy, and we haven’t included films whose main genre was something else with comedy being one of the elements.

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14 Daddy’s Home 2

The setting is expanded from the original, as the fathers of the protagonists come for a visit for Christmas, and chaos ensues. The film delivers excellently due to its combination of slapstick comedy and chemistry between the leads.

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Daddy’s Home 2 betters the first film by keeping the laughs at a high level while giving us the warmth of the holiday spirit. When you’ve got guys like Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, John Lithgow, and John Cena, can anything go wrong? Not in Daddy’s Home 2, that’s for sure.

13 Girls Trip

Girls Trip

Who needs a man when you have girlfriends watching your back? Girls Trip focuses on a quartet of friends who go on a trip to a music festival in order to strengthen their bond of friendship. Hijinks follows when things take an unforeseen turn, and we have a bunch of laughs our way. The film is mainly spectacular thanks to riotously funny performances by the cast. Regina Hall shows us why she’s been an underrated leading actress and makes it clear what her value is as a comedic star.

12 Going in Style

When you’ve got three Oscar winners as the main trio, it doesn’t matter if you’re watching a movie about old men trying to rob a bank. Going in Style benefits from the chemistry of the leading men, but also adds in its flavor of smarts along the way. The action is supplemented by the comedy arriving from seeing three old dudes trip and stumble on the way to riches. Each one of the leads offers a different take on the funny material.

11 Fist Fight

Fist Fight Trailer Poster

It doesn’t deliver on the potential it provides with two men proven in comedy, but Fist Fight isn’t a bad deal for you if you want to have a couple of breezy laughs. The premise sees two teachers duke it out after one of them causes the termination of the other. You might think Charlie Day would be murdered by Ice Cube, but the finale just might surprise you.

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It’s certainly not even close to being a memorable comedy, and both actors have better movies you can choose from; still, it’s not a bad film either, so jumping into this fight isn’t the worst decision.

10 The House

We’ve seen films focusing on hapless parents to college students before, and unfortunately, The House adds nothing new to the scene. The predictable plot has a couple scrounging around to pay for their child’s tuition and then becoming involved in running a casino in their neighbor’s house. You won’t find many laughs here other than those provided by the natural funniness from its two established leads. Then again, there’s always a market when it comes to parents who’ve gone in way over their head, making this film a not-so-bad option for you.

9 A Bad Moms Christmas

You get what you expect from A Bad Moms Christmas, which is quite literally the same premise as Daddy’s Home 2. Viewers who’ll enjoy this film are the niche comprising of mothers who’ll have a great time with relatable—and other times outlandish—jokes that they identify with. If you watched and liked Bad Moms, then it’s guaranteed you’ll be having a splendid hour watching this sequel. A cast of A-listers certainly helps the film’s case, and you get your money’s worth.

8 Logan Lucky

Adam Driver Daniel Craig and Channing Tatum in Logan Lucky

It’s a caper film for sure, but the laughs here are as original as they come. Fueled by fantastic performances of its main cast (Daniel Craig, in particular, plays against his typecast, and does hilariously well at that), Logan Lucky never lets the foot off the gas pedal.

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The film has all manners of jokes you’d want; the straight man ones, people acting crazy, confusing antics, and jokes designed to make you laugh. It’s another worthy addition to the credits of its acclaimed director.

7 Rough Night

If you don’t go with extremely high expectations, then Rough Night will feel most certainly welcome. Of course, it’s hard not to get too excited when you look at the talent on display here, but the film’s raunchy premise will be very hard to digest for more than a few. It’s still not bad if you’re willing to go with the flow and witness one ridiculous thing happen after another. The cast is no doubt very able here, so you won’t get bored.

6 Father Figures

It’s very cliché ridden, and features performances exactly how Owen Wilson and Ed Helms have been delivering for over a decade, so remember what you’re getting into before watching Father Figures. The movie sees two twins trying to locate their real father after they discover their promiscuous mother has no clue whose offspring the two are supposed to be. You’ll laugh more at Owen Wilson than Ed Helms, or maybe not at all if it’s not to your liking.

5 Snatched


With Amy Schumer, what you see is what you get. So, if you’re not a fan, then you won’t be liking this film at all. Goldie Hawn also seems very dated in her presence onscreen, with the film having a very muddled experience for you.

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The story has the mother and daughter duo be abducted during vacation and the resultant hilarity that usually follows in films like these. The laughs are scattered here and there, but not with consistency.

4 How To Be A Latin Lover

Eugenio Derbez in How to Be a Latin Lover

Like it is with Schumer, Eugenio Derbez also plays the same role in all his films, so you know what you’re getting into with How to be a Latin Lover. The plot follows a gigolo who has been dumped by the 80-year-old rich woman he’s been married to for years and now has to fend for himself with no skills. It’s funny in places, but it does get overcome with the absurdity of the premise in more points than you’d want.

3 The Little Hours

This one features a bizarre premise that will have you either laughing at the ridiculousness or retching in disgust at the extreme raunchiness in display—odds are, it’ll be the former. The plot, which will definitely offend quite a lot of people, sees three nuns be enamored by a gardener pretending to be a deaf-mute. If you’ve got the stomach to digest a lot of provocativeness here, then you can take a chance at The Little Hours, otherwise, it’s best if you don’t give this a go.

2 Landline

Landline with Jenny Slate

A comedy that tries to be dramatic too, Landline features thoroughly unlikable main characters the movie wants you to feel for. The jokes will only appeal to those who enjoy screwball genre movies, as the characters run around trying to hide their infidelities.

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Landline’s story involves a family, where the sisters believe their father is having an affair. Meanwhile, the sisters themselves are up to some indiscretions of their own. The film’s jokes are presented through everyone trying to hide their unfaithfulness, so most might not find it so funny.

1 The Trip to Spain

There’s really no story in A Trip to Spain, as the film only sees Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon talking while we see the sights of Spain. However, it does work due to the leads being just as funny for what they’re famous for. You see them in fictionalized versions of themselves, but there’s enough truth involved for you to understand where the jokes are coming from. Plus, you get to see all the sumptuous food the comedians have, along with the breath-taking Spanish backdrop.

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