How To Stop Using Self-Deprecating Or Bullying Humor And Instead Learn How To Be Funny In A Healthier Way


It’s time to change how you get your laughs.

Have you ever heard a “knock-knock” joke? Or how about why the chicken crossed the road? Of course you have. These are two of the most basic jokes that everyone knows. But beyond these common cracks at humor is an entire foray of punch lines and funny bits that make people laugh.

Whether it be accidentally tripping over something or intentionally quoting a funny line from a movie, we all have this great thing within us that we want to use: humor. 

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Trying to make people laugh is something that, at the very least, goes as far back as Shakespeare. Over the years there’ve been a plethora of comedy movies and TV shows, videos on YouTube and of course the everyday comedian. Humor has always prevailed, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good laugh?

Modern day humor has admittedly gotten a little weird, though. There’re still your typical shows and movies, but there are also memes, and if you’re a self-proclaimed “meme queen” you know exactly just how bizarre some memes can get. But memes aren’t really the focus here.